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Company Green is a landscape and erosion control contractor specializing in inspiring individuals to grow to reach unknown and new potential. We connect with our employees, customers, and vendors through commercial landscape installation, maintenance, hardscape installations and erosion control work. It is our desire to challenge the thinking of our employees through education and empower them to grow holistically; capitalizing on every opportunity every time. At Company Green we want to be more for those within our circle. As a customer, you make this possible. By choosing Company Green, you are equipping us to invest and inspire. You are making a difference.


Erosion Control


Finish grading and seeding

Rolled Erosion Control Systems/Erosion Control Blanket

Turf/Earth Reinforcement Mat

Straw Mulch



Company Green Specializes in keeping you compliant and protecting our waterways from sedimentation. Our response time is second to none ensuring that whether it is an initial implementation or response to a site inspection your job sites are always moving forward.

Sediment Control

Silt Worm

Silt Fence

Fiber Rolls

Rip Rap

Inlet Protection

Commercial Landscape

At Company Green we pride ourselves in interacting with Project Managers, Superintendents, and foremen from various scopes proactively to ensure that landscape installation occurs seamlessly and efficiently. Your crunch time is our Go Time.

Snow Management

Company Green knows its limits. Count on a contractor that will not over-schedule and will service your business or HOA on time, every time. Full service pushing, salting, and ice melt. Safe, clean, and reliable!


Company Green is proud to provide residential landscape services in the Indianapolis area. Services include design, solving complicated drainage issues, structural and non-structural retaining walls, paver patios, landscape lighting, and the installation of new plant materials. If you are interested in someone taking the time to listen and partner with you to solve your landscape needs or simply need more information please contact our office using the contact form, email, or phone.

Phone: 317-919-9971 | Email: info@companygreenproperty.com

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