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Our Vision

Inspiring Growth
Every Opportunity
Every Time

At Company Green, our employment culture can be summed up with this phrase. It simply means that we understand that our management staff nor our employees are perfect, but after each mistake or instance of education, we can take that opportunity and capitalize on it to better serve each other, in turn to better serve our clients, every time. To succeed, our employees must understand and practice this culture.

Our Mission

It is our desire to grow individuals. The landscape industry is often a place for young men and women to pass through on the way to their next job opportunity. Often times they only learn how laborious this industry is. It is our desire to take our potentially short time and give them every opportunity to grow holistically as well as learn how to serve and be served. Our framework for this education is connected to these three groups:
  • Company Care
    • Innovating and maintaining our appearance, attitude, equipment, and process
      • Followers embrace: Unity, Confidence, Innovation, Discipline
  • Employee Care
    • Engaging holistic growth through the entire staff
      • Eagles know: Faith, Finance, Family, Discipline
  • Customer Care
    • Creating value on customer investments
      • Professionals are: Efficient, Detailed, Disciplined, Intentional
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Thank you for your interest in Company Green. If you think you would be a good fit, please contact us to discuss an opportunity. Company Green has a zero tolerance policy for substance abuse.